Welcome to Montana Sheepskin Company

We offer 'Made in the USA' products.


All our Products are Custom Made from 100% Natural Shearling Navajo-Churro Wool.

They will keep you warm in any outdoor activity and in the coldest conditions.


We are an American based business, located in Whitehall, Montana.

We are members of Montana Dept of Commerce and the Made in Montana Program.

Our Seamstress, Dianne Flowers, has over 30 years sewing experience.


Currently, our products include Mittens, Hats and Slippers.

Nothing is made until ordered and payment received.

Please allow one week for item to be made.

Due to Paypal issues, please contact us by email for payment options.


All our Products come in four choices of color combinations:


Beige w/Cream Wool

Beige w/White Wool

Brown Nappa w/White Wool

Khaki w/Black Wool


Rare Navajo-Churro sheep are prized for their long wool in many sought after colors of blue, grey, beige, brown, black, charcoal and creamy white. They are very easy to raise, preferring weeds to grass, disease resistant and have very friendly personalities. Both the rams and ewes can have full curled horns.

Very few purebred Navajo-Churro sheep are left in this country. While they are on the verge of extinction, there are a handful of breeders working to bring them back.
Navajo-Churro sheep are originally from the southwest region, where the famous navajo rugs were woven by the Navajo tribes.



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